A garage door serves more than just practical reasons. Sure, it’s mainly there to function as the access point to your car’s storage space and also serves as an extension of your home. 

But it serves another important reason and that’s to increase the overall appeal and value of your home. This aesthetic reason is almost as important as the practical side and some do place equal value on it.

Bridgeport Garage Door - Top garage door styles

You can’t blame those homeowners who put a lot of emphasis on how their garage doors look. After all, it impacts the way a home appears especially when viewed from the outside or across the street.

Upon closer look, you’ll find that the best garage door options also offer other advantages. They’re not just for making your home look better, but also more durable and user-friendly.

The following are some of the top garage door styles that we, from Bridgeport Garage Door, sorted out for you to increase your home’s appeal.


Carriage-style garage doors are the best choices for homes that have a Tudor-style look. They add to the look and make that type of house more aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners that favor a more vintage look would love to have this installed in their homes. The vintage look and feel come from the iron handles and hinges. One of the most noticeable things about carriage-style doors is that their look can actually be deceiving. The reason is that carriage-style doors can be rolled up like a roll-up garage door. 


A modern or contemporary style house deserves a modern style garage door as it complements it perfectly. Some of the best examples of this type of garage door are streamlined aluminum doors that feature frosted glass panels. Perhaps the defining characteristic of this type of garage door is the lack of ornate details as it’s simpler and straightforward in design and appearance. However, it must be noted that these garage doors are also a good fit for homes that have a mid-century style.


The traditional rail and stile garage doors are for those homeowners that want to achieve a classic look for their homes. This style of door exudes a timeless feel that adds to any and all kinds of homes and lifts it to a different level. It’s the perfect fit for a wide range of home styles, from the traditional to the more modern designs. If you want to change the look of the door and make it look more like the rest of your home’s overall appearance and/or feel, you can apply paint of your choice. Another benefit of this traditional style is that it’s a more affordable option than others on this list.


Customized garage doors need to be included in this list. This is certainly among the top garage door styles that increase your home’s appeal. This style is a great option for those who want to get an even more personalized look or feel to their garage door. If you want to incorporate certain features that make the door more different or even original, then this is the garage door style for you. So whether you prefer a flashier look or a more bland and ordinary appearance, customization will help you achieve it.